US and UK Military

Complete Modular Buildings for Overseas Deployments

Both the US and UK military chose Kudos Cabins for deployments to Kuwait and Iraq.

As we use the latest modular manufacturing methods, the Cabins could be rapidly assembled without the need for tools, skilled labour, or MHE equipment; they were constructed rapidly and easily to provide immediate permanent or temporary accommodation and mobile site offices. The Cabins were delivered pre-wired, and simply required connection to an external power source.

As the images below depict, the Cabins are suited to incredibly hot climates and can be fitted with appropriate climate-controlled air conditioning facilities; in addition, the roof cover acts as an additional layer of insulation against the heat, cold or rain. For installations on sand and other soft ground surfaces, Kudos Cabins are dispatched with accompanying high-density pads that allow the load to be spread and the Cabin to be kept level.

Kudos Defence & Security Range

Our range of portable military defence solutions include modular camp infrastructures, military deployment solutions, ballistic protection systems, ancillary equipment including innovate folding furniture, and our brilliant Kudos Cabins.

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