Field Operations in Uttar Pradesh, India

A Single Source, Complete Modular Building

Kudos Cabins were entrusted to provide temporary accommodation for UN World Food Programme (WFP) operatives who were working abroad, setting up an aid distribution centre in a remote region of Faizabad, India.

The aid agency volunteers had been deployed to the Utter Pradesh region to provide aid to the region’s villagers, whose homes had been looted, and their residences attacked, by Uzbek villagers after the departure of the Tailban.

Kudos Cabins designed, planned and engineered a complete, modular building, providing a single source unit fit for a full breadth of disaster relief solutions.

As the Cabins are easily transportable, the UN WFP were able to have them flown in from their main logistics base in Italy; once the aircraft landed, the Cabins could be reloaded onto available vehicles. Once delivered, the Cabins could be erected rapidly and efficiently, using only the manpower of volunteers at the site.

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