The Modular Manufacturing Process

Technological advances have made it possible for us to design any variety of modular facility to meet the demands of our diverse client base.

As modular buildings can now be constructed using the same finish materials as those used for conventional buildings, the modules can equate aesthetically to an existing structure whilst also standing alone as an attractive facility. Our wall-panelled systems consist primarily of pre-fabricated composite panes that interlock together to form the external and internal walls. The exterior weather-face of the panels are plastisol-coated in a colour chosen by the customer, and the building corners, fascias, skirts, doors and windows are power-coated to provide a decorative finish.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail; our modular manufacturing takes place in a stringently quality-controlled, purpose-built environment, using innovative construction methods that ensure cost-effective modular construction at a safe, yet efficient, speed.

Remaining at the forefront of modular building developments, we continuously develop our products using the latest materials and techniques.

Time Savings & Cost Efficiencies

Modular construction is a two-phase process, enabling on and off-site construction to happen simultaneously.

We are able to build within our controlled factory environment whilst necessary site works take place, allowing us to complete the process in approximately half of the time required for traditional building construction.

With our flat pack buildings, we’re able to represent significant cost savings through reduced construction time and efficient delivery methods.

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