Modular Buildings

Bespoke, modular, relocatable buildings: designed for rapid deployment and developed using the latest modular building manufacturing methods.

Our modular buildings are designed for both ease of construction and transportation.
Working across both the military and commercial sectors, we provide single modules in varied sizes. Each individual module can be linked side-by-side, end-to-end, or stacked: forming ‘The Modular Building’.

Where time is limited, or a short-term solution is required, such as for a military deployment, our modular buildings are ideal. Whether you require a building to provide a site or home office, or army camp facilities, our bespoke approach allows us to design, manufacture, deliver and install a flexible building solution to meet your exacting needs.

Irrespective of size, each constructed modular facility is portable and fully relocatable, and can be moved between sites with minimal disruption. Therefore, they provide the ideal solution for temporary offices and accommodation for volunteer workers, charities – such as Amnesty International – and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) for military deployment for defence contracts
Our modular space frame structure is manufactured using a blend of hot and cold rolled-steeled sections: mechanically fixed and welded to form a lightweight, steel frame. With a flooring and roof diaphragm forming a sub-structure, suitable for a range of finishes, and a wall-panelling system available in a number of styles, our varied options allow us to provide a solution suitable for both purpose and budget.

Dedicated to following only the best engineering practices, we are proud to remain at the forefront of modular building manufacturing developments.

Bespoke Modular Development

Irrespective of the scope or the size of your modular requirements, our bespoke solution can be tailored to fit any business needs. Whether you require a large-scale solution or a singular-occupancy space, our modern temporary modular buildings can be stackable where space is limited, or even suitable as stand-alone facilities.

  • Completely Bespoke
  • Used Worldwide
  • UK Manufactured & Tested
  • UK Warranty
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