Kudos 6×3

The Raptor 6M x 3M flat pack building system has been specifically designed to generate cost savings utilising off site modular construction methods combined with more traditional aspects of building and construction work.

The concept of the 6×3 system is to provide factory assembled floor and roof cassettes that are manufactured from galvanised steel components forming a space frame cassette, thermofoil insulations included and decking to create floor and roof surfaces, the roof element having high performance PVC membranes attached to facilitate to dispersal of rainwater over a mono pitch roof area.

The floor and roof cassettes are packaged in a transport pack, four floors and four roofs per pack measuring 6 x 3 metres on plan, two packs can be transported on standard roadgoing HGV trailers, generating shipping efficiencies and maximising floor area at site.

One delivery wagon can create 144m2 of floor and roof space.

The cassettes when packaged have space between each floor and roof to allow for the corner columns and the surebuild wall panelling system to be stowed, these panels are of lightweight steel stud construction and are fully assembled.

Once the floor and roof pack is placed on the site foundations the roof section is lifting off the floor and the corner columns are inserted and bolted in place, adjacent modules are then erected and bolted to each neighbour either in a 6M configuration or back to back in a 12M configuration, modules are added in increments of 3M to create the required size of building.

By standing up and fixing the wall panels in place, the envelope of the structure is created very quickly. This then allows a whole host of follow on trades to work in or on the building envelope, plumbers, electricians, internal wall linings, external wall linings, brick skins, windows and doors, hipped or pitched roofs, fascias, soffits and rainwater goods, followed by finishes and furnishings.

Services conduits and routeways are added to the cassettes to facilitate the M&E installation.

Shower room pods and kitchen pods can also be inserted and connected to services.

The whole concept is not to provide the full turnkey package, but rather provide a system of building that allows consultants, developers, architects and users to add some value to the process themselves, making cost efficiencies to the project. The use of local labour, sub-contractors, suppliers and services providers inevitably saves money whilst also allowing local planners and councils to have an input on appearance on the building.

Kudos Defence & Security Range

Our range of portable military defence solutions include modular camp infrastructures, military deployment solutions, ballistic protection systems, Ancillary Equipment including innovate folding furniture, and our brilliant Kudos Cabins.

Take a look at our selection of case studies for more information about our security & defence projects:

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