Disaster Relief

Kudos means flexibility. Kudos Camps can be adjusted to suit the number of inhabitants, eliminating maintenance on empty buildings and overcrowding. They can be shifted with ease onto prepared sites to suit the security situation or a particular purpose, both permanently and temporarily. Tactical situations are seldom permanent, so why should the camps be?

The UN and NGO’s such as World Food Programme (WFP) and World Vision, UNHCR and other agencies have used the Kudos Cabin extensively.

Where there is a disaster, either man-made or natural, the infrastructure is usually damaged or destroyed, making it difficult to deploy and build as all will need cranes or some for of MHE.
In a disaster zone there are always plenty of willing people to help. Kudos needs only people to build their Cabins.

Modular, fully wired and ready for immediate connection to either external power source, Kudos Cabins are fitted with fly screens and blackout blinds as standard. They are robust, yet lightweight.
Normal build time is about 30-40 minutes, but this gets faster as the expertise grows. No tools are required, so arriving in the middle of nowhere only to find you don’t have the correct tools to assemble will not be a problem for assembling a Kudos Cabin.

The units can be taken down and moved elsewhere to be rebuilt up to 50 times. Parts are common, so it is easy to build larger units, such as operations rooms, using parts from various cabins, or order custom made units.

Transportable by road, air and sea, even by helicopter module by module, this is the ultimate solution for accommodation in disaster relief zones.

Kudos Defence & Security Range

Our range of portable military defence solutions include modular camp infrastructures, military deployment solutions, ballistic protection systems, Ancillary Equipment including innovate folding furniture, and our brilliant Kudos Cabins.

Take a look at our selection of case studies for more information about our security & defence projects:

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