Social & Domestic Housing

The Kudos Cabin system can be used for a multitude of applications due to its unique design qualities. More recently it has been adapted to create low cost, modular, temporary social housing units.

The original Kudo Cabins have been in service as temporary accommodation for more than 20 years in many parts of the world, from the desert to mountains. They have been tried and tested.
Unlike most other products currently available on the market, the system can be deployed without the need for any cranes or specialist lifting gear. This greatly reduces costs and timescales associated with delivery, i.e. cranes, closing streets, permissions etc.

A standard single bedroom unit (approx 26m2) can be built within 4 hours using 3-4 unskilled personal.

Due to its unique design, (the modules fold flat for delivery and installation), the units can be placed in otherwise unusable, inaccessible locations such as redundant car parks, small waste spaces, courtyards and even inside other buildings such as warehouses. Access can be achieved through an opening only 2.4m x 1.2m. The system does not require any footings (unless on a very soft and unstable ground) as each building comes with its own adjustable feet and spreader plates.

It is worth noting that the system is a temporary structure, not a standard dwelling. It should not be classified as a permanent structure therefore invoking all standard building regulations.

Kudos Cabins for Social & Domestic Housing:

  • The units have been tested for all weather conditions and loadings
  • Panels are fire-rated and insulated.
  • It is a quick robust solutions to any housing crisis caused by influx of people or a disaster such as flooding or fire.
  • The units will provide a safe, warm and pleasant alternative to the many poor quality B&B’s used by various organisations and probably a lot more cost effective.
  • The flexibility allows the user to define actual size required and if it is only an extra bedroom that is required, then that is all you would order, not a complete new building.
  • The bedrooms are fully fitted as well as the lounge and dining area.
  • Each unit comes with an internal shower/toilet POD as well as a fully functional kitchen POD.
  • Both are prewired and plumbed and the lighting and sockets are also in place for connection to the required external utilities by suitably qualified personal.
  • The units can be taken down, folded up and moved either back to storage or for use elsewhere.
  • The components can be reconfigured, a bonus.
  • Rebuilding can be repeated up to 50 times, more if care is taken.
  • Should components get damaged all parts can be replaced therefore increasing lifespan and creating a better ROI.
  • The expected lifespan is 10 years although this can be increased through regular minimal maintenance and care.

The size and shape of the dwellings are customer driven within the footprint of each module, to accommodate the number f occupants and the available space. Increasing the size is just simply adding an extra module, not a complete building.

Made in the UK, at our factory in Leeds therefore ensuring high quality ever time. Take a look, you will be pleasantly surprised. 

“Housing when you want it – where you want it”

Kudos Defence & Security Range

Our range of portable military defence solutions include modular camp infrastructures, military deployment solutions, ballistic protection systems, Ancillary Equipment including innovate folding furniture, and our brilliant Kudos Cabins.

Take a look at our selection of case studies for more information about our security & defence projects:

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  • Used Worldwide
  • UK Manufactured & Tested
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