Pre-Used & Recycling

At Raptor, a service that is becoming more workable for our customers is the use and recycling of pre-used modular buildings. We can now from a project brief source a suitable building from our networks, decommission it on its site and then either transport it and re-erect it on the customer’s site or reprocess it through our factory for alterations and or refurbishment.

Many benefits exist using this approach, the obvious one being of cost savings as you are not buying a newly manufactured building so significant saving can be made where budgets are tight, secondly the speed of having a facility up and running can be very quick and in recycling buildings you are helping the environment in a whole host of ways. What is normal also is that where a new build project would be sized from a design concept of what information is available at the time, pre-used stock normally end up with extra space outside the original concept so the facility installed has “some room to grow into” or use later space for other business needs

This approach also allows customers more flexibility as we do many projects where we source and relocate the building and make it watertight, the customer can then make any layout changes at their leisure or as budgets and time allows, they can also use their own traditional type in-house or contractor firms to carry out any alterations or refurbishments.

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