Modular Retail & Leisure Buildings

At Raptor, we are proud to work closely with both the retail and leisure sectors to provide both permanent and temporary building solutions.

Our services to the retail industry include supermarket amenities, such as service counter, canteens, toilets and offices; we also provide cold stores, gatehouses, and banking and postal facilities.
For the leisure sector, our modular buildings provide ideal fitness suits, gyms and dance studios; we can also provide non-slip floors and column-free interiors.

Bespoke Modular Retail & Leisure Buildings

Irrespective of the size and scope of your requirements, our bespoke services can meet your business needs. We can provide multi-storey office blocks, or singular-occupancy spaces, our modern building modules can also be stackable when space is limited, or even suitable as stand-alone facilities.
We can tailor an adaptable bespoke building solution designed to your exacting specification, whether you have between 10-100 employees. Take a look at our selection of case studies for more about our modular building projects, and read more about our modular building warranties to find out about our dedication to quality.