Portable Military Defence Buildings

We provide modular mobile buildings for the defence and security sectors, the army, navy, air force, the RAF and the military: including the MOD.

Raptor offer a range of solutions to the military and aid agencies working abroad at disaster relief sites worldwide.

From briefing room and training facilities to accommodation and medical suites, we design and build both single and multi-storey structures: combining both comfort and practicality for working and living facilities. All our modular, portable buildings are spacious, durable, climate-controlled, and designed to withstand impact.

Kudos Defence & Security Range

Our range of portable military defence solutions include modular camp infrastructures, military deployment solutions, ballistic protection systems, ancillary equipment including innovate furniture, and our brilliant Kudos Cabins and Kudos 6×3 products.

Take a look at our selection of case studies for more information about our security & defence projects: