Modular buildings for any purpose and any place.

We specialise in the design, assembly and manufacture of transportable modular buildings that will meet and exceed your expectations.

We have proud family business values, innovation and Engineering expertise and we work with a vast range of customers from businesses, schools, hospitals, contractors, service providers and aid agencies to military and retail, the sector are limitless, if you have a need we have a solution, our personal touch sets us aside from others.

We will help design the look you require and fit out the building accordingly. Our products are manufactured off-site in a quality controlled factory environment to comply with all current legislation and can be delivered and installed to any location with unparalleled after-sales service.

Take a look at our case studies to give you a flavour of our products and call us today to discuss your needs and just see how we can help you.

Military Aid & Disaster Relief

We provide modular mobile buildings for the defence and security sectors, the army, navy, air force, the RAF and the military: including the MOD.


The Kudos range of products is designed with three primary purposes: rapid deployment, reconfiguration, and reusability. The unique pallet is specifically designed to fit almost all forms of road and military transport, including both commercial and military aircraft.


At Raptor, we understand the importance of quality teaching facilities and we provide temporary classrooms, teaching block facilities, and more, to the education sector.

Specialist & Bespoke

The nature of our modular buildings and our bespoke designs enable us to provide specialist solutions suitable for any sector or area of your market.